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meet aairika


Flawless Beauty Lab was formed by Aairika Kelly. After being laid off as a medical practice administrator, she was forced to pivot and create a lane for herself to avoid ever having to be told by anyone that she would no longer have a means of provision for her child or herself.

After leaving her career in healthcare, she decided to combine her 18 years of experience in the beauty and health industry to launch Flawless Beauty Lab. In the lab, she focuses on encouraging her clients to understand that we are all created flawlessly by design. And to enhance each and every person's God-given physical beauty.

Aairika consistently provides confidence-enhancing, results-driven services and transformative wellness products to her clients.  She believes it is her purpose, her passion, her gift and ministry, to educate and reveal to others that in spite of all of our flaws, we are the most flawless versions of ourselves. 

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